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Kevin Hawkins"A photo tour to Costa Rica.  That’s sounds pretty straightforward, doesn’t it?  You stay at major hotel chains, they take you around to pretty places, and you go home with some nice pictures.  Any photography tour company can do it.
When my wife, Beverly, and I signed up for the Costa Rica tour with Worldesigns, that is what we anticipated.  We didn’t bargain for what we got.
We traveled to some amazing places.  We saw active volcanoes, remote waterfalls, exotic wildlife, and experienced the hidden treasures of the rainforest.  We had the best photographic experience anyone could have.  All well worth the price of the trip.  But there was more.
Rikk and Laurie are accomplished photographers and excellent teachers.  They were happy to share their expertise, and I could see my photographic skills improve  as the week unfolded.  Their one-on-one training was worth the price of the trip.  
Incredible surroundings, taking pictures, and learning new skills – That’s as good as life can get, right?  But as it turns out, there was still more.
What set this trip apart from others was the contact with the Costa Rican people, their way of life, and a taste of their culture. We had the privilege of having lunch with a local Costa Rican family .
We bounced along dirt roads only the locals use, and forded the rivers just as they do.  We saw the REAL Costa Rica, in places that tourists rarely go.
So you could call this an amazing photography trip, but that would tell only part of the story. You could call it an incredible sightseeing tour, but that would be a gross understatement. You could say this is a cultural immersion experience, but that would only scratch the surface.
Beverly and I call the trip by its real name:  The experience of a lifetime. 
You might say the trip was worth its price, but that would be misleading.  It was actually priceless."
Kevin M. Hawkins: April 2009 Tour

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